Valence Ventures is an early stage investment fund based in New York City.

We help extraordinary entrepreneurs gain access to the capital, people and tools that they need to build great companies. We invest early in the life cycle of companies often at the seed stage of development and align ourselves with founders in order to maximize the long term growth of their business. Using our network of advisors across multiple industries we help young companies gain traction and partner with later stage investors.

In particular, we invest in software which is shaping enterprise in the 21st century. We look for opportunities where software is reinventing and transforming business efficiency, facilitating the rapid transformation of the workforce, and improving the quality and volume of interaction between business and consumer.

We know that building a successful business begins with talented entrepreneurs who are relentlessly committed to bringing their vision to life. It’s incredibly hard work, and we’re here to help.


  • Nomi Health buys Artemis Health for $200M

    January 6th, 2022

    Payment startup Nomi Health has acquired Artemis Health, which uses data to help U.S. employers fine-tune health offerings, in a $200 million deal.

    Why it matters: The pairing of the two payment-minded startups is part of an ongoing consolidation wave in digital health where small, like-minded upstarts combine their assets to round out their offering.

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  • Flower Startup Tops $100 Million Valuation After Latest Funding

    May 5th, 2021

    The series C values the company at more than $100 million, according to a person familiar with the matter. The firm, founded in 2014, has now raised a total of $48 million. “Our brand growth has been particularly strong throughout the years, with the pandemic further spiking our sales,” UrbanStems CEO Seth Goldman said in an email. The new capital will be used to add more workers, boost a fast-growing subscription service and add a loyalty program.

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  • Digital Health Trends for 2021 and How They Impact Employee Benefits

    April 14th, 2021

    As today’s employers strive to provide quality health benefits to their employees, they must keep digital health top of mind. Digital health innovations such as telemedicine have proven to be highly effective ways of delivering top-notch care while keeping costs down. And the coronavirus pandemic has only accelerated this shift to a high-tech healthcare landscape.

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Splash is a project management platform that empowers event planners to execute professional events from start to finish. By offering useful tips, suggestions, reliable resources along with powerful management tools, splash enables users to learn what needs to get done, and then do it.


Vadio turns listeners into viewers by evolving audio streams into rich media viewing experiences for both established and emerging media companies.


RxData is a live data platform that collects, aggregates and analyzes past and current global market access events to help life sciences companies make faster and better market access decisions.


TRAVO is the easiest way to plan and book business travel.  TRAVO scientifically creates an end-to-end itinerary inclusive of air, lodging, and ground recommendations custom tailored to the way you travel specifically for the meeting or event you're attending.


Skipper is an online travel agency that provides group hotel booking services. Skipper simplifies and streamlines the group hotel booking process making it easier to book rooms at the right hotels with the best rates.   


UrbanStems makes it easy to order stunning bouquets and gifts on-demand in under an hour.   



Viewfinder is a platform that enables users to organize, share, and relive their memories with the people who matter most. With Viewfinder, users can meaningfully connect and selectively share their life’s moments in photos and messages


Init.ai is a developer platform to build, train, and deploy intelligent conversational apps. Init.ai enables companies to easily create AI and natural language conversational apps through their developer platform. The company offers a comprehensive solution that handles messaging, machine learning, and business logic, including integration with third-party APIs. Init.ai is the simplest way to build, train and deploy intelligent conversational apps. 


iMedicare provides dynamic software solutions that empower pharmacists to make better decisions every day. The company’s proprietary technology analyzes patient and clinical data to provide actionable opportunities to promote patient engagement, clinical interventions, and efficient pharmacy workflows.


Notion is an all-in-one sensor for simplified home awareness. The company's single sensor can detect doors and windows opening, water leaks, smoke alarms sounding, lights being left on, temperature of a room, gun safes or liquor cabinets being accessed, and even how full a propane tank is.

Artemis Health

Artemis Health is an analytics platform that helps self-insured employers save money on healthcare by analyzing their health data, visualizing hotspots where they can save money, and allowing them to create and track cost saving initiatives.

FocusMotion Health

FocusMotion creates data-driven orthopedic recovery solutions to automatically assess and monitor pre- and post-operative patients, building the deep learning and diagnostic AI that will transform human recovery.


  • Managing Partner
    Ian Judson Managing Partner
    Ian Judson

    Ian is the founder and Managing Partner of Valence Ventures. He brings over 15 years of experience in technology and healthcare as an operator and an investor. Prior to starting Valence, Ian was a part of the investment team at Aisling Capital and Head of Healthcare and Technology at Gravitas Capital. Ian has also held operating and finance roles at Dynova Laboratories, ImClone Systems and Judson Realty. When he’s not out meeting with new start-ups, he’s serving it up on the tennis court. He is an avid snowboarder, tennis player, supporter of the arts and lover of B-movies.   

  • Venture Partner
    Robert Gehorsam Venture Partner
    Robert Gehorsam

    Robert’s experience as a start-up co-founder (Forterra Systems), public company CEO (Image Metrics) and senior executive at Sony, Viacom and Scholastic augments his previous roles as a venture partner (Jerusalem Venture Partners) and angel investor (IoT start-up flowthings.io and biofabrication company Modern Meadow) to give him a unique perspective and talent for helping young companies achieve their potential. His initial work in the computer games industry led to his belief that the consumerization of software and hardware would fundamentally change not just the nature of how individuals work but how businesses organize, adapt and thrive in the 21st century. He is an active alumnus of tiny Grinnell College, which helped found Intel, inspired the @ for Twitter and the MIME e-mail format, and he remains pleased that he’s not the only literature and religion major from the college who has immersed himself in the tech world.


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